Looking for a work-based training platform?
ICMS is a leading provider of training, learning and development solutions which drive organizational performance and develop talent in mining and mining related companies across English West Africa. We are the foremost provider of work-based training and development to the extractive industry. Our innovative learning services, unrivalled customer service and flexible approach make us the perfect partner to achieve your strategic business objectives.

Workplace Learning
We develop a rapid and effective training to solve client’s production and operational problems ranging from the large scale mining and mining related companies to small scale mining companies in a collaborative exercise.
The ICMS learning solution combines individualized learning content with one-to-one support from our network of Learning Support Managers and professionals in academia and industry. This team of qualified training professionals support learners at every stage of their learning program.

Choose a leading career-based training for working professionals.
At ICMS, we have supported the unique needs of working professionals for more than 15 years. Today, we are a leading training organization for adult learners, chosen by more than 5000 participants who are advancing their careers while leading positive change in their organizations.

To learn more about our training programs, send us a message. An ICMS training coordinator and advisor will contact you with more information.

Choose ICMS for its:
  • Collaborative and interactive learning environment.
  • Respected reputation and wide recognition as a training provider.
  • Wide range of proficiency’s, competency’s, and mastery certificate programs.
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