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Training Philosophy
ICMS’ training philosophy is that ‘’The knowledge and skill is ours to share, the future is ours to create. The single most important thing to understand about our training is that, ‘’A well trained and effective people are the source for a sustainable competitive advantage’..

This statement reflects the vital importance of the people we train to the success of their organizations: remove the business from effective and well trained people and more businesses will be created, but remove a well trained and effective people from the mines and gold production and profitability will obviously come to a halt.

  • The globally-applicable training standards of ICMS are:
  • A need analysis is conducted upon registration to identify participants training and development requirements, as part of the training cycle.
  • Identified needs are matched to the specific learning objectives of training programs to determine appropriateness.
  • Training and development needs are addressed through an open program as a primary alternative, partnership programs as a secondary alternative as a final and continuous alternative.
  • All on-site and partnership programs are reviewed to ensure compliance with the organization’s management system prior to approval and onward delivery.

In recognition of the importance of people to the success of the mine company, ICMS is committed to helping each and every participant to realize their full potential. Therefore we have made it the primary function of every ICMS facilitator to conduct a comprehensive training need assessment and set training objectives to fill all gaps identified with respect to al corporate and individual training initiative.

Our training programs have been designed to maximize the contribution of our participants to their various companies.

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