Supercharging the Impact of Affirmations on your Life
By Steve Svanholm

One thing we often get asked at Affirmation Life is, "How can I absolutely maximise the impact affirmations are having on my conscious and subconscious mind?"

The VAKS Method of stating affirmations is a powerful tool for programming and integrating affirmations on many levels of your being. It does this by working with our different ways of processing information, through the Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Spiritual centres. It allows for a more complete, holistic system of personal development using affirmations, and it supercharges their effect.

You can apply it for a general affirmation such as "every day I feel stronger and stronger" or a more specific goal such as "I am making $5000 dollars a month." Here are the steps to follow:

Get clear
Meditate, breathe deeply, or ground yourself some other way for 1 minute and drink a glass of water.

State your chosen affirmation out loud
For example, "I am attracting more and more money into my life."

Repeat the affirmation for 30 seconds while performing Lazy 8's
First, hold your right thumb in the air and curl your fingers into your palm. Move your thumb in the air as if you are drawing the number 8 turned on its side (a lazy 8). Start with your thumb in the middle of the '8' and move up to the left and then down and around to the right. Go slow enough that your eyes can follow your hand. As you make the movement repeat the affirmation and visualize what it looks like. Maybe, in this case, your inner sees a rain of $100 notes falling all around you.

Repeat the affirmation for 30 seconds with acupressure on the ears
There are about 400 acupressure points on your ears corresponding to virtually every major organ in your body. Close your eyes. Take your index fingers and thumbs and gently pinch the top of rim of your ears. Massage the rim working down to the earlobes and finishing there. Repeat. While you are doing this keep repeating your affirmation aloud. Really listen to the weight of the words.

Repeat the affirmation for 30 seconds while cross crawling
Standing, bring both hands above your head and lower one hand as you bend the opposite knee to 90 degrees. Touch the knee with the hand. Straighten the leg and return the hand overhead. Repeat with the other hand and knee. This switches on the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Look downwards towards your legs as you do this. This connects your mind more to your kinaesthetic realm of bodily feelings. While you cross crawl, say your affirmation aloud and feel how good it feels to have this quality in your life.

Spiritual Integration
Place your hand on your heart and say your goal aloud for thirty seconds. Keep your eyes closed and feel vibrations in your chest area as you do this. Allow the warm feeling of the affirmation to infuse your entire being.

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