A very warm welcome to Imperial College of Mines and Safety. ICMS has been a leader in providing innovative learning environments by offering classroom-based, hands-on accelerated training in exciting and rewarding competency-based programs in the global mining and extractive Industry.

We are dedicated to preparing students with valuable skill sets to help them stand out in today's competitive job market. We enjoy successful enrollment of a strong and diverse international student group bringing a rich cultural base to our programs of study.

Many hard working people in this country have some secondary school education but no degree or diploma. They stopped attending school for many reasons, but they didn't stop learning. They have probably had adequate and effective job training, or even significant life experience, that resulted in intense levels of learning on-the-job.

ICMS believes that learning should be recognized in higher education, even if it doesn't occur in a traditional classroom. This is an obvious benefit to adults and other workers, since they often have years, or even decades, of learning from their life and work experiences - and much of that learning is competency-based.

One way that ICMS acknowledges this learning is through competency-based certificate programs in Mining, Mechanical and Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Competency-based certificate programs focus more on what students learn, rather than where or how long the learning takes place. Instead of evaluating student progress on the amount of time spent in a classroom, students receive training credits based on their actual demonstration of practical know how and skills learned on-the-job. This have been designed to allow students to learn and progress at their own pace, students with learning from life and work experience can save considerable time in earning a competency-based certificate from ICMS.

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National Safety and First Aid Competition - 2014
Seminar: Securing A Job In Today’s Competitive Mining Sector. (University of Mines and Technology, Ghana)
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